will electric cars save the planet

It seems all the rage today for car makers to introduce electric cars, even GM who once had the market all to themselves but decided to kill it and spend billions of dollars on the hummer instead..and now after even more billions of dollars from tax payers to fix that mistake ..drum roll please..they are introducing the Volt..and while the car may help save GM how much of a difference will millions of electric cars make to the planets atmosphere? That will depend on where the volts come from..why ? because most of the worlds electricity still comes from dirty old coal, 50% of America’s, so electric cars will only be half the battle, we still need to get more renewable energy..like the 9,900 MW of new wind power America brought online in 2009, bringing the total wind power to over 37,000 MW, still just a tiny portion of the total but at least the electrical grid, like GM is headed in the right direction


About beachview22

a technology analyst and inventor who cares about the planet
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